TMS has opened a door to the future that promises hope for a depression free life- a life without the ups and downs depression brings- a more in-control and stable self.
- FC age 66

It's like a switch was flipped and the depression is gone. It's truly amazing. I'm so thankful to have it (depression) behind me and be able to move on with my life.
- M.P. age 59

"I have been depressed for over 15 years and using the highest dosage on medications. I was looking at adding a third medication and was very opposed to doing that. TMS was a great alternative and even though I went a week longer than planned, I have felt at peace for the first time in years. I feel very in control and able to finally take interest in my life again."

– HB age 45

"I went through months of closing myself in my home away from family and friends. It was a struggle just to accomplish the bare minimum of going to work, the grocery store and having to remind myself to eat on a regular basis. I had very little, if any, joy in my life and rarely any laughter. After four weeks of TMS I am once again enjoying life. I am getting out, doing things, and eating. Most important to me I found my sense of humor."

- S.S. age 57

"Even as a child I knew I was depressed. It has hung around my whole life but I figured one day it would go away. It didn't. My depression got worse and worse. Finally a day arrived where I could no longer take the pain. My choice was to add an extra drug to my medication or to try TMS. I chose TMS. I was desperate to be myself again, enjoy things, laugh, get out of bed, and take showers! TMS managed to lift the dark cloud which was a constant in my life. To change oneself is extremely difficult. You must WANT IT. TMS really has changed my life. I can only imagine where I would be today had I not done it."

- A.M. age 33

"Before TMS I felt hopeless. I didn’t want to get out of the house, socialize with people at work, or participate in family functions. After so many years of dealing with the ups & downs of depression, I was willing to try anything, TMS gave me the boost I needed to start living my life again. My family started noticing changes in my mood after just a few treatments. I was a little more hesitant to believe TMS was actually working. Now a month out of treatment, I feel like the depression cloud has lifted and I am a productive person again. I still have a lot of work to do in therapy, but TMS gave me the confidence I needed to tackle the challenges that come my way."

- SE age 39